April 14, 2019


As a ‘Food Bank MY’ (FBMY) in Malaysia, We rescue ‘HALAL’ edible but surplus food and groceries

From farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers. Donations include stock that’s out of specification, close to expiry or excess to requirements. Companies also make donations as part of a commitment to social responsibility or a cause-related marketing campaign.

This is what guides our work

Our Vision

FoodBank MY aims to achieve “No Surplus Food Is Wasted, And No One Goes HungryIn Malaysia”, by working with the entire food and grocery industries to source nutritious, wholesome meals for vulnerable Malaysians in need.

Our Mission

To reduce hunger and malnutrition in Malaysia, through the fight against food waste and the call for solidarity, by supporting and developing food banks in countries where they are most needed.

To  provide national leadership to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow in collaboration with the food bank network in Malaysia.

To work with farmers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers to develop new programs and initiatives in order to end hunger in Malaysia.

Core Values

by recovering nutritious surpluses from the food chain, food banks play a major role in reducing food wastage.

products received and distributed are free of charge, food bank operations depends primarily on volunteers and on the support of multiple private and public organizations and individuals. 

CALLING For Solidarity Across Malaysia:
by the support and development of food banks in countries where they are most needed. 

products are shared fairly and without any discrimination between the receiving partner charity organizations and the people they support.